St. Louis Neighborhood InfoGraphics

St. Louis Neighborhood InfoGraphics

Looking Beyond the Home and Into the Neighborhood

There’s so much more to finding your dream home than just the home itself.  These colorful easy to understand infographics will display the information which highlights the nearby services and amenities for each neighborhood.

Area Report and Convenience InfoGraphic

The home looks nice, but what about the location? How easy is it to get to the services and how long will it take to get there? Learn more with the Convenient infographic.

Outdoor Report InfoGraphic

Do you like to take walks in the park with your pet? How far away are nearest playgrounds for your children? Are there hiking trails around and if so, how far?

School Report InfoGraphic

How close is the home to nearby schools? What school is the home assigned to? What are the ratings of the schools near your potential home?

Neighborhood Eats InfoGraphic

What if you really like Italian food and the nearest restaurant is 10 miles away? See the variety of food choices available nearby the home.

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