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University City Homes for Sale offer a diversity of home choices in a wide range of prices. University City is the 18th largest community in Missouri with a population of 30,532.  The median age is 34. It is a highly educated area where 54% have attended college and 21% have graduate degrees. University City is an upwardly mobile community that has more artists, designers, and media-related employees than 90% of the rest of the nation. This interest in the arts provides many popular places to go such as the Pageant Theater, Center of Creative Arts (COCA) and the Delmar Loop which is a vibrant six-block entertainment, restaurant, and shopping district in University City.

University City Real Estate Market

The average listing price for a home in University City has been $231,296 and the average sale price is $248,884 compared to the state average sale price of $203,725. At this current time University City homes for sale have been on the market for an average of 118 days.

What “Big Data’ Says About University City Lifestyle and Buying Preferences

You can find our stable neighborhoods in major metro areas in the South and West. We are a mix of married couples, single parents, singles, grandparents, and young and adult children. Family and faith are the cornerstones of our lives, with a strong focus on religion and character. We live in older, single-family houses. Adult children who still live at home are working toward financial independence. Our unemployment rate is high; we work in health care or in all levels of public administration. Social Security and retirement benefits provide income for many. Even though we’re on a limited budget, style is important, so we buy clothes for our kids and ourselves at Marshalls and T.J. Maxx. Smartphones are a must. TV is big for us; we have 3-4 sets and subscribe to premium channels.


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