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Quick Facts About Wildwood

Wildwood is the 17th largest community in Missouri.

94.03% of the workforce employed in white-collar jobs, well above the national average.
Overall, Wildwood is a city of managers, professionals and sales and office workers.
92% own their homes and approximately 8% rent. The median age is 42 and median income is $112,032.

What Big Data Says About the Lifestyle in Wildwood

We’re well-educated, two income, goal-oriented professionals who prospered during the Great Recession. To support our upscale suburban lifestyle, both parents work, tolerating long hours and long commutes. Our schedules are complicated, balancing work and activities for our school-aged kids. Because we’re all so busy, organization is critical to daily life. To save time, we contract for home maintenance services such as housekeeping and professional cleaners. We’re experts on all of our devices. Financially savvy, we continue to invest wisely and grow our portfolios. Interest payments and dividends boost our household income. The comforts of home are priorities; we’re proud of our picture-perfect homes, constantly upgrading, and will spend time and money on projects. Everyone in the family reads on tablets, e-readers, or smartphones, but prefer hard copies of epicurean, home, or sports magazines.


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