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St. Louis Home Buyer Resources

If you're a St. Louis Home Buyer, you may want to explore more resources for your St. Louis home search.

Here are some great links we recommend you visit:

 St. Louis Home Buyer Tax Information

St Louis County Revenue Department Real Estate Tax Information

St Louis City Tax Assessor Real Estate Information

St Charles County Assessors Office Real Estate Records

St. Louis Home Buyer Crime Information

St Louis City Crime Map

St Louis Neighborhood Crime Reporting

St. Louis Home Buyer School Information

St Louis County Public Schools

St Louis City Schools

Compare School Testing Scores

Compare One School to Another Side by Side

St. Louis Home Buyer Guide to Buying a Home in the Spring 2019 Edition

Welcome to our 2019 Spring Edition Home Buying Guide

This free guide will explore several interesting topics.

Where are mortgage rates heading? Is home ownership still the American dream?

What is home ownership's impact on your net worth?  What should you expect out of your real estate agent?  All these topics and much more!  Enjoy flipping through the pages.

Additional Resources for St. Louis Home Buyers

Make sure to visit our Community Data page where you can find out more about the makeup of our towns.  You can also compare any city to another city from any location in the country.

Call us at 636-532-4200 if you would like comparative analysis done on any area of St. Louis and the surrounding counties.