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  • Why You Should Buy a Home in the Off Season
    Your personal home-buying schedule doesn’t have to correspond with the real estate market! In fact, buying during the “off season” can yield tremendous advantages. The “off season” differs depending on your specific location, but always refers to […]
  • The Most Popular Home Price Ranges In St. Louis
    What Are the Most Popular Price Ranges Buyers Are Snatching Up in St. Louis? The most popular home price range in St. Louis are homes that sold for $199,000 or less. 59% of all sold properties were in this price range.  32% of homes priced between […]
  • Interactive Fall Foliage Map Predicts Peak Times to See Changing Leaves in Missouri and Nation
    If you love to travel in the fall to see the changing color of leaves you may want to consult this interactive-predictive map before you book your trip. It’s easy to estimate the time to see yellows,reds, and oranges each year, but if you […]
  • Top 3 Myths Holding Back Buyers
    What Are the Top 3 Myths Holding Back Buyers? Many buyers are worried about finding a home they like or being able to afford a home as interest rates continue to rise. If you’re a potential homebuyer who’s on the sidelines because of […]
  • The Service Providers You Need for Your Home Purchase
      When it comes to buying a home, there are more things to consider than you may realize. After all, it’s a lot more complicated than walking into the grocery store to buy a gallon of milk! Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases the […]
  • Things to Consider When Buying a Home Fall 2018 Edition
    2018 Fall Home Buyer Guide-Things to Consider When Buying a Home The new Home Buyers Guide Fall 2018 Edition presents a well-rounded view of buying a home in the Fall. Topics include: Home Prices Last Year, The Cost of Waiting to Buy, How Low […]

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