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Attractive Aspects of Maryland Heights

Some of the aspects that people appreciate about Maryland Heights include:

  1. Proximity to St. Louis: Maryland Heights is situated near the city of St. Louis, providing residents with easy access to urban amenities, entertainment options, cultural attractions, and job opportunities while still enjoying a suburban lifestyle.

  2. Outdoor Recreation: The area offers several parks, hiking trails, and outdoor recreational opportunities. The nearby Creve Coeur Park features a lake with boating and fishing, walking and biking trails, and picnic areas.

  3. Live Music and Entertainment: Maryland Heights is home to the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, a popular outdoor concert venue that hosts a wide range of musical performances and events, drawing in visitors and locals alike.

  4. Community Events: Maryland Heights often hosts community events and festivals, providing residents with opportunities to connect with neighbors and enjoy local traditions.

  5. Safe and Family-Friendly: Many residents find Maryland Heights to be a safe and family-friendly community with a welcoming atmosphere.
  6. Access to Nature: Along with parks and outdoor spaces, Maryland Heights is close to the Missouri River and the Katy Trail, which is popular among cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts.

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